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Product Catalogue

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Spill proof / Splash free No-Tip Anti Skid Dish

Specially designed Non-skid Bowls with removable steel cover which does not let the liquid food spill out of the Bowl.

Tired of mopping the floor every time your dog drinks water?
Cleaning your dogs water bowl is giving you trouble?
Come On, Wipe that worried look from your face now.
Because here is a new design from Kumar Industries just for you and your trusted pet.
A design, that not only prevents water from spilling when your dog drinks but also has a removable LID so that you can clean the bowl from inside.
It’s a great Combo of Comfort and Care, for you and your faithful friend!
Wow, Great hygiene with simple maintenance.
Let the pets bring joy and laughter and not the Mess!!

  • Maintains hygiene level.
  • Wide non-skid rubber base will help not to tip or slide.
  • Durable, easy to clean, high quality stainless steel.
  • Scratch resistant.

Special Grip Handle for easy Pickup of Bowls

  Size Quantity
1578 – 8 oz./0.23 L
1579 – 16 oz./0.45 L
1580 – 32 oz./0.90 L
1581 – 64 oz./1.80 L