Our Goals & Objectives

Our main objective is to satisfy our customers worldwide by fulfilling their requirements in every aspect.
All our efforts are focused towards innovating unique products and new designs for pets in the Pet industry by analyzing latest market trends.

We have been successful in past with our following Innovations time to time, which are already hot selling products in the Market.

  • Cutie Bowls
  • Spill Proof Non Tip - Anti Skid Bowls.
  • Ant Free Non Skid Bowls.
  • Accented Non Tip Anti Skid Bowls with 100 % Silicon Bonded Base.
  • Slow Feed Non Tip Bowls.
  • Portion Control Non Tip Anti Skid Bowls
  • Heavy Bowls with 100 % Silicon Bonded.
  • Creamic Like Finishes
  • Fashion Bowls
  • Wooden Bowls
  • Wrought Iron Diners

Most of our customers had a problem of Rubber Breakage with most saleable regular Non tip bowls, but we have solved this problem permanently, by Bonding 100% Silicon rubber to it.
So, now we have successfully launched Normal Non Tip Bowls with 100 % Silicon Bonded Ring.

We believe in utility, optimum utilization of the product, therefore our each product is value for money.