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Non Tip Anti Skid Bowls With 100% Silicon Bonded Ring
  • Anti Skid Base Helps food not to tip of the floor.
  • Stainless Steel is dishwasher safe.
  • Highest Blend of Chromium for strength & Nickel for durability / finish.
  • Inside High Gloss Finish is easy to clean & absorb odours.
  • Out side Matte finish resists scratches, Matches your New Kitchens.
  • Stainless Steel Resist Bacteria, Stains, rust and breakage.

100% Silicon Bonded Rubber Ring 
( Non Removable - Non Breakable)

  Size Quantity
1502-BR – 8 oz, Cat/0.235L 6.0in. /15.5cm
1503-BR – 16 oz./0.45 L 7.9 in. /20cm
1504-BR – 24 oz./0.70 L 9.0 in. /23cm
1505-BR – 32 oz./0.90 L 9.9 in. /25cm
1506-BR – 64 oz./1.80 L 11.5 in. /29cm
1507-BR – 96 oz./2.80 L 13.0 in. /33cm

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